1 Oct 2018


World top experts will participate at the event, high representatives of the OECD, United Nations, World Trade Organization, FAO and top executives from the private sector.

The 6th edition of the World CONXEMAR-FAO Congress, to be held in Vigo in October 1st, will bring top speakers at World level to review and analyse the current status of the fishery stocks, the evolution of the demand in the major international markets and the sustainability of the fishing grounds.

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1 Oct 2017

2017 - International Congress on Climate Change and Fisheries (CONXEMAR-FAO)

In October 2nd, CONXEMAR and FAO will celebrate the VI edition of the World Congress, that this year will be focused on Climate Change and its effects on fisheries, aquaculture and trade.
World renowned experts, scientists, fisheries authorities from the main producing countries worldwide and top executives will analyse the impact of climate change on the most important species in the market and also what measures shall be implemented to mitigate them.  

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15 Jul 2017

2015 - I International Fisheries Stakeholders Forum / 20th Anniversary of the Code of Conduct (FAO)

The World Congress, co-organized by FAO, Magrama and Conxemar to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Code of Conduct, was closed last Friday, October 9. A milestone for sustainable fisheries, it included two days of conferences and intense debates, in which both the public and the private sectors aligned their interests for the development of future policies that contribute to the fight against illegal fishing and to the improvement of fisheries management, with sustainability as a goal.

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14 Jul 2017

2014 - World Shrimp Congress CONXEMAR-FAO

The World Shrimp Congress, co-organized by FAO and Conxemar, brought 375 attendees from over 24 countries.

During the event, participants analyzed the status of the main species of shrimp (wildand farmed) sold in the European market, as well as the trends that will driveup demand in the next few years.

In its third edition this Congress has already become a point of reference.

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14 Jul 2013

2013 - World Whitefish Congress CONXEMAR-FAO


The success of the World Congress on Cephalopods 2012  led FAO and Conxemar to organize the  Whitefish World Congress, held on 30 September 2013 in Vigo (Spain).  

Fisheries ministers, FAO experts, and top industry executives worldwide analized resources, markets, supply and utilization of the most important species of whitefish.

Programme included a full panel of experts from top producing countries:
Russia, Norway, Iceland, Canada, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Namibia, South Africa, New Zealand and China.

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